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artistic style
artistic style

I can't get enough of this painting! I love the subtle use of pink and the dark shades of blue-gray!

And I love this outfit! It's casual and feminine with a hint of edge. I've been eying that leather jacket for a while and knew it would be the perfect edgy piece!

Would you wear it? What's your favorite item?

artwork: erin cooper 
outfit: jacket // tee // polish // purse // bracelet // skinnies // booties


  1. Wow, I really love the painting as well!
    I like the gray with the contrasting pink, it's great.

    I'm really inspired.

    Thanks for sharing!

    -Jordan :)

  2. That painting is stunning. It had never occurred to me to build an outfit inspired by a piece of art, but it works really well! I've been on the hunt for a leather jacket for what seems like ages... It's so hard to find one that's truly good quality that isn't prohibitively expensive. In the meantime, while I continue searching, I'll definitely be picking up some ankle boots. These black ones are adorable!

  3. This is exactly my style, but without the booties, even though I think they are super cute! Love the matching of the painting with the outfit, it's all art!

  4. yet again another gorgeous piece of art with a super fun outfit to boot!

  5. That painting is beautiful! Love that graphic tee too:)


  6. LOVE this outfit! Perfection.

  7. LOVE this outfit! Perfection.

  8. that's so cool how you built the look around the painting, that's such a fun idea! i don't really go for edgy, but this is so cute that i'd wear it out some where. i especially love those booties- they literally go with everything

  9. The painting is so beautiful! I'm looking for inspiration right now because I want to paint a painting for my dining room... this is perfect!

  10. Love that stunning painting! And how you turned it into a super hip outfit - I definitely need some booties for fall!


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